Local Business Profile – Tractor Supply Company

Local Business Profile – Tractor Supply Company

tractor supply compnayInterview between Scott Hall, KCAA board member/farmer and Zack Heurig of Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Company, also known as TSC, is a major store chain with over 1,450 stores in 49 states.

TSC strives to serve the recreational farmer and others with non-commercial farm/ranch needs. TSC understands most of these type customers are avid do-it-yourselfers, so they want to make the most commonly needed types of recreational level farm/ranch supplies available in the outskirts of larger metropolitan areas.

Recently, I spoke with Zack Heuring at the Port Orchard store location.

Scott: Does TSC have dedicated store brands of some of the items they carry?
Zack: Yes, our store brands include Du Mor feeds, and Producers Pride livestock feeds, 4 Health dog/cat foods, Royal Wing wild bird/squirrel foods, County Line tractor implements and accessories, Red Stone heating supplies, Groundworks garden supplies, Traveler equipment lubricants and chemicals, and C.E. Schmidt clothing line.”

Scott: Do you have a catalog/online division where customers can get your products not physically available in the store?
Zack: Yes, our website tractorsupply.com has items you can purchase that may not be available through the store” The website has an option for free UPS shipping to the store nearest you for pick up at the store location.

Scott: At this store, what have you found to be your best selling types of products? Zack: Livestock and pet supplies.

Scott: Considering you are a chain of stores, will there always be a broad selection of the types of items found on the website in this store, even if some things like tractor parts and hardware don’t have frequent sales?
Zack: Yes, we want to make sure some of those more specialized items are available in the store, even if we don’t necessarily sell them too frequently.

Scott: Does TSC, or this store offer any type of rewards/discount/customer loyalty program to their customers?
Zack: no, not at this time.

I took a long look, maybe an hour, up and down the various aisles in the store. What I found is they seem to deliver on their objective to have a wide assortment of those supplies and supplies and equipment most generally needed on a recreational type farm of ranch. You never know when you will need a couple fencing panels, a set of points for your trusty 8N Ford tractor, some bar and chain oil for your chainsaw, some bulk corn seed, and a package of castrating bands for those little bull calves all in one trip to the store. Seems like TSC has you covered.

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