June 27th Board Meeting & Update

June 27th Board Meeting & Update

KCAA Board Meeting Summary – June 27, 2017

Well, folks, we came, we ate some pizza, and we talked! This time, the Central Kitsap Farmers’ Market was a bit more enjoyable – we didn’t dodge raindrops and Roni didn’t shiver her way through the meeting.

The Highlights:

The Farmers’ market is doing well – receipts and visits are up, and the farmers finally have a bunch of beautiful things to sell. Our long-term plan is to be able to hire a Market Manager, but in the interim, various board members (Michelle, Peggy, Scott, especially) are carrying the load.  And…July 11 is Family Day at the Market – with music, face-painting, and much more fun.

We are planning our Annual Kitsap Grown Harvest Dinner – taking place on Sept 24 at the OC Bremerton campus. The KGHD is our biggest event for the year, and our biggest fundraiser. We are finalizing our theme and guest speaker (more on those next time) and have hired Marie Vila to help us shepherd the gala event to the finish line.

The other BIG news is the incredible $50k gift KCAA received from the Petersen Estate. So…we took a vote and decide to hold our next 3 meetings in Hawaii (NOT!).  In actuality, this is a wonderful opportunity to shape the future of the organization, and we’ll be discussing ideas on how to do that over the next few meetings. If YOU have ideas, let us know!

Much more happened – but don’t want you to be board (bad pun…)

Till next time –

Bob Geballe

KCAA Board President

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