2020 Central Kitsap Farmers Market
Maynard’s Restaurant, 2251 Bucklin Hill Rd


The market will run every Tuesday from May 5th to October 13th. Hours of operations will be 3pm to 7pm. All vendors must be ready for business by 3pm and cannot begin tear down until 7pm. Vendors will be given 1 hour for tear down, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Market Manager.

The market will run every Tuesday from May 5th to October 13th. Hours of operations will be 3pm to 7pm. All vendors must be ready for business by 3pm and cannot begin tear down until 7pm. Vendors will be given 1 hour for tear down, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Market Manager.

All vendors to the Central Kitsap Farmers Market must grow, craft or process what they sell. The geographic boundaries of the market include all of Washington State and the surrounding waters. All items will be judged on quality and value and contribution to the market. No used or antique items will be allowed to be sold at the Market.

Central Kitsap Farmers Market is a member of the Washington State Farmers Market Association (WSFMA) and the national Farmers Market Coalition (FMC). We adhere to the WSFMA Roots Guidelines – including overall Vendor categories, definitions, and market exclusions as follows:
No commercial, imported and/or second hand items shall be sold by any vendor. No franchises or any non‐owner operated businesses are allowed at the Central Kitsap Farmers Market. Further, all products sold at the Central Kitsap Farmers Market must not contain any items or ingredients processed outside of Washington state.

Vendors must be present each week they commit to. If a vendor notifies the Manager they will be in attendance and they no show or cancel after 8pm the evening before the market they will be charged a $20 no how/cancellation fee.

All items offered for sale at the Central Kitsap Farmers Market shall be subject to inspection and approval by the Market Manager.

One who buys produce from farmers in Washington State, transports it to a WSFMA Member Market, and resells it to the consumer. Resellers are allowed to sell at WSFMA Member Markets, but do have strict criteria to follow:

  1. Resellers are expected to be the only stop between the grower and the consumer. The product they buy must not come from shippers, warehouses, jobbers or wholesale distributors.
  2. They must not sell any produce not grown in Washington State (For example: oranges or bananas).
  3. They may sell any produce they grow themselves on their own property.
  4. Resellers are sellers of crops that cannot be grown reliably, or are not offered for sale in sufficient quantity, by Farmers selling at a given WSFMA Member Market, as determined by the individual WSFMA Member Market’s governing body.
  5. Resellers must have all crops pre‐approved by the Member Market’s governing body before delivering the crops to market for sale. Approved, resold crops must be specifically limited, so as not to compete with the crops of Farmers within the geographic vendor boundaries of the WSFMA Member Market, as defined by the Market’s policies and by‐laws.
  6. All Resellers, or Farmers, must label their products as being resold if they are not selling products which they have grown, raised, or harvested themselves on property that they own, lease, or rent.
  7. All information declaring which products are resold must be available and displayed for the consumer to easily read. Signage must clearly state which farm(s) produced the products; other terms synonymous with “resold” may be substituted.
  8. Resellers from Washington border counties are not allowed to sell at WSFMA Member Markets.

The CKFM Board of Directors has the discretion to limit the types and number of resellers and the products and amounts they offer for sale on each market day.

Stalls will be assigned to Vendors based on the following and will be determined by the Market Manager to ensure a well‐rounded market:
1) Commitment / Frequency of space
2) Farmers/Produce Resellers
3) Food Processors
4) Crafters
5) Non‐profit Groups

Vendors will be allowed into the Market area starting at 1pm. ALL VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM AREA By 2:30pm. We ask that each vendor be considerate and unload their vehicle quickly and then park it. Vendors wishing to load‐in between 2:30pm and 3pm will have to cart remaining items in.

For the safety of customers, no vendor can begin tear down until close of Market at 7pm. Safety is our #1 priority.



 Stalls will be approximately 10’ x 10’. If the vendor exceeds past the 10’ x 10’ area, they will be charged accordingly, or required to meet the space requirements.

 No stakes, poles, signs etc. will be permitted to be adhered to the ground or the exterior of any building, these items should only adhere to vendor equipment.

 Marking or painting on the gravel or asphalt is prohibited.

 No dumping of chemicals, hay/straw, ashes, grease or foreign items is allowed on the property.

ALL TENTS AND AWNINGS MUST BE SECURED WITH PROPER WEIGHTS TO PREVENT BLOWING AWAY AND CAUSING DAMAGE. Shades and canopies must be tied down and weighted per WSFMA guidelines. Tarp poles must not obstruct traffic f low and c are must be taken when setting up or taking down displays.
Per WSFMA Roots Guidelines:
“All vendors who wish to erect canopies (including umbrellas) on the Farmers Market site during a normal period of market operations, including the set up and break down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down. Any vendor who fails to properly anchor his or her canopy will not be allowed to sell at the Farmers Market on that market day, unless that vendor
chooses to take down and stow their canopy and sell without it. Each canopy leg must have no less than 24# (pounds) anchoring each leg, and market umbrellas, 50#.
For examples of recommended safety methods pertaining to canopy weights, please refer to‐file/CanopySafety101.pdf

Daily booth fees & pricing is listed in the 2020 Vendor Application. An annual membership of $30 is required to sell at the Central Kitsap Farmers Market. Booth fees are payable to the Market Manager when they collect between 6pm and 7pm on market day.

Vendors must park in designated vendor parking areas only. Please ask market manager where this is.

Each vendor is responsible for leaving their area clean. NO EXCEPTIONS. CKFM is not responsible for items left on the premises. Brooms, rakes, and tools needed for clean‐up will be provided by the vendor and not the market.

All vendors must have a sign clearly marking the name of the business.

Vendors are allowed to display in their booths materials that pertain to their products. Other than the Vendor materials, no petitions, or other printed material, political or otherwise, will be distributed or displayed at the market, without prior approval by the Market Manager.

Pricing of goods sold at the Market and any applicable taxes are the sole responsibility of the individual vendor. The advertising of discounted prices and promoting other non‐market locations is not permitted on the Market site.

Amplified music or paging systems cannot be used by Vendors. No generators are allowed, unless approved by the Market Manager.

All Vendors must adhere to sanitary procedures as outlined by the Kitsap Public Health Department. All food concessionaires, and food samplers are responsible for obtaining proper Health and food handlers permits and registration needed to do business at the Central Kitsap Farmers Market. Any Vendor found to be selling contaminated food or produce shall be suspended from selling operations until satisfactory clearance has been obtained from the Kitsap Public Health Department.

No smoking or any kind of open flame will be permitted in or around the market area, unless otherwise authorized by the Market Manager.

The unlawful possession or use of illegal drugs and / or alcohol on the Market site will not be tolerated and are grounds for dismissal from the market.

Animals are prohibited on market grounds unless the animal has service animal status. Please check in with the Market Manager if you need additional information.

If a product is labeled “organic” it must be certified as required by Washington State Law. Producers who use organic methods with $5,000 or less in gross annual sales may use the term “organic”. (Note: These producers may not use the term “certified”). Any violations will result in termination of the vendor’s permit to sell. When an organic producer is also selling non certified organic produce at the same stand, the non‐organic produce must be physically separated from the organic produce and clearly labeled as to growing method.

All vendors are responsible for paying taxes & licenses needed to do business in the State of Washington. All grievances need to be put in writing to Attn: Market Manager, CKFM at PO Box 6004, Bremerton WA 98312.

By accepting a stall at the Central Kitsap Farmers Market each Vendor thereby agrees to abide by these regulations.
The management of Central Kitsap Farmers Market will enforce the above rules in a fair and consistent manner.

I have read the rules and regulations to the Central Kitsap Farmers Market and agree to abide by them. PLEASE KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS.