KCAA Educational Event and Potluck

KCAA Educational Event and Potluck

Soil & Supplements for vigorous plant growth, May 14th

Looking to start a garden this spring? Want to grow healthy plants and delicious produce? How about finding a great use for all those left over table scraps? Then come join us as we teach on the subject of composting, vermiculture and soil supplements to make your plants thrive! Our guest speakers will include Julie Fritz from 3 in 1 Worm Ranch, Roger Short form Short’s Family Farm, and Roy Sahali from Remix Farms. Come with all your composting questions and dilemmas and feel free to ask these three as they provide you with the answers you need to prep your garden for success this spring and summer!

Potluck starts at 6:30. Don’t have time to bring something‚Ķ put a few bucks in the donation cup.

Educational session starts at 7:00.

Special Guest Speakers:

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