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2017 KCAA Farmer of the Year – Scott Hall

2017 KCAA Farmer of the Year – Scott Hall

At this year’s Kitsap Grown Harvest Dinner, we were extremely pleased to name Scott Hall as our Farmer of the Year. Scott, as usual, was extremely modest in accepting the award, but we thought it would be appropriate to sing a few of his praises even so. I can think of no better way then to let two of our local agricultural stalwarts (and KCAA board members emeritus), Nikki Johansen and Jerry Darnall, describe him.

Nikki Johansen – Pheasant Fields Farms:

“Scott Hall has contributed a huge amount of time and effort in promoting agriculture in Kitsap County and in my estimation that began when he befriended Gerald Petersen.  His dedication and time commitment to preserving the Petersen Farm was monumental.”

“Through the years Scott has become a powerful advocate by spending time educating himself on issues and the laws, and the rules and regulations regarding the details of legislation in order to protect his fellow farmer.  He was extremely active and influential in developing the county Ag code and more recently in the final formation of our critical area ordinance which is all a part of the Growth Management Act which is a huge piece of legislation.  He is an advocate, like Jerry Darnall, in the formation of an Ag council in this county and I have no doubt that with these two men pushing for it, we will obtain an Ag council. “

Jerry Darnall – JJJ Farm:

“Scott was crucial, integral member of the Ag Stakeholder group that gave us the Ag Code. “Farming” entails a tremendous varied industry, it takes (took) a huge amount of “Ok, have we covered all the bases with this provision?”… Scott’s viewpoint/opinion was very important in that process. He has also been the watchdog of the Critical Area Ordinance…and I think he was instrumental in revising som

2018 KCAA Farmer of the Year – Scott Hall

e of the final language.”

Nikki again – “On a personal level, I can share that if I need help on a project, I call on Scott Hall.  Whether it be a mechanical problem, help in seeding a field, or to advice on the final wording needed in developing an important legal contract which has nothing to do with farming, I call on Scott because he is an extremely wise man and a very good friend.  I know of his dedication to the KCAA organization and his loyalty to helping all farmers and I very much admire him for that trait.  I share his efforts to be supportive of our farming community and I greatly enjoy conversing with him on the subject. That’s what I know about Scott Hall and I see his wife right along his side, doing the very same thing!”

At the KCAA, we depend on Scott for his ability to untangle the sticky web of bureaucratic language the county snares us in, and to provide a common sense filter to any of our ideas. You can all see why this was an easy and unanimous choice!

Bob Geballe
KCAA Board

KCAA’s Farmer of the Year 2017 – Nominations

KCAA’s Farmer of the Year 2017 – Nominations

It’s that time of year again! Farm Business/Farmer of the Year nominations are going on now through August 31st.

Nominate by emailing us at Be sure to tell us why you are nominating the farmer/farm business (include criteria below). We will compile the nominations and send/post a link to a survey to vote in early September.

The 2017 Farmer/Farm Business of the Year will be announced at the 9th Annual Kitsap Grown Harvest Dinner (KGHD) on Sunday, September 24th at Olympic College, Bremer Student Center. Tickets for the KGHD are available on Brown Paper Tickets

Criteria to consider when nominating:

1. Contributions that the farm business has made in the community as a whole.
2. The growth of farm business over the past year.
3. Contributions to the furtherance and advocacy of farming and agriculture in Kitsap County.
4. Past history of farm activities.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you at the 9th Annual KGHD to celebrate the winner!

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